In July 2020, WIN received funding from the Bright Beginnings program of the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN) via the NDG Seniors Citizens’ Council (NDGSCC), and it truly has given us a Bright Beginning!

This funding has been a HUGE help in growing our network and expanding our capacities as we become THE source for our community’s intergenerational program development and knowledge sharing! Thank you for joining us on this journey.

We have been expanding our partnerships and supporting the development of truly innovative intergenerational programming, the details of which we will be sharing on this blog as they develop.

One crucial step for us has been to develop our online presence. Especially while we are all keeping each other safe by staying home, now more than ever, we need to be able to be found online. Our funding has allowed us to hire the talented professionals at Phil to create our new website which launched in December 2020. They have also put their skills towards creating our new logo which exemplifies all that WIN represents.

We present to you, our new WIN Logo


The colours merge the vibrancy of youth with the sophistication of experience and the edges are round and welcoming. The image next to WIN shows the interconnectedness of our network, reflecting how we bring different communities together.

And our partners love it, “It’s sleek, bouncy and fluid – which I feel describes WIN as an organization. Always open to changes and welcoming of all people. It’s modern and fun.”

Thank you to our sponsor NDG SCC, our Network, Montreal West United Church’s Extra Miles senior visiting program and Prévention CDN-NDG for their support and vision. Special mention to our collaborators present since the beginning, Concordia University’s engAGE: Centre for Research on Aging and Department of Applied Human Sciences, the Spiritual Care, Guidance and Community Involvement Animators at the English Montreal School Board and CPE Les Petits Profs.